Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can we win it? YES WE CAN!!!!

It's a big call, but it's a good call.  Our Skytrans Cairns Taipans have absolutely everything going for them this afternoon as they go head to head with the New Zealand Breakers.  This is the only hurdle the team has yet to clear this season - beat the Breakers at home.

Cairns Taipans are a sensational unit working together right now towards a common goal.

The starting line up is strong; the bench is strong - there's no-one on that team right now that doesn't deserve the court time and everyone knows how to make it count.  Tait smashing 3 pointers, and Brebner's work under the hoop in the 2nd grand final is so confidence building; not to mention Dillon's defence, Ubaka's magic, Crosswhite's consistency, etc, etc, etc ad infinitum.  Oh, and did I mention Dorsey??? What about Dorsey!!!!  AMAZING.

This season has presented opportunity after opportunity for the team to dig deep and find out what they are really made of ... and the Perth Wildcats, the Adelaide 36rs and the Townsville Crocs all now know how it feels to get smashed at home.

Everyone that I have spoken to this week believes the Cairns boys can win and will win.

No pressure of course, we just know that YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Take the energy of last Sunday's home crowd with you when you hit the court today and ....

LET'S GO TAIPANS, LET'S GO.  Let's bring it home boys!

....royal wedding??? What royal wedding?  ONE HD is the only place to be, 5:30 tonight!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Make a better choice!

My good friend Tegan (schoolteacher) was telling me a story recently of a child who needed to 'make a better choice'.  Her words, and what a great phrase!!  She asked him to do just that, and he did, because it made sense, and order returned to the classroom.

Children are highly intelligent, intuitively guided, individuals to whom we should listen and from whom we can learn a lot.

Children are happiest when they are communicating, at play, learning, outdoors breathing fresh air and laughing.  Toddlers laugh on average about 3,000 times a day and adults would be lucky to laugh 300 times a day.

In life, we are confronted every day with opportunities to make a better choice, and yet in our adult lives and minds every day we poison our bodies and our minds with the garbage that spews forth from all manner of advertising and marketing material that bombard the environment at every turn.  We have become numb to the true sensations of life by believing all that we are told, rather than feeling all that we know.

My challenge to you today - make a better choice.

If you think you should smoke a cigarette ... Make A Better Choice (MABC)
If you think McDonalds is a good option for lunch ... MABC
If you are thinking of putting your kid in front of Dora or Ben 10 on TV ... MABC
If you want to nit pick with your spouse about the way things get done ... MABC
If you are planning to poison your liver with gallons of booze ... MABC

I will never point a finger at a problem unless I am willing to lend a hand with a solution, so here are some better choices ...

Smokers - Go for a walk - no cigarette
Maccas Junkies - Go to the local markets and meet the green grocers - try their fresh produce
TV addicts - Have a conversation with your kids - brainstorm fun things to do together
Naggers - Tell your partner 3 things you absolutely LOVE about them
Drinkers - try water

I am an ex-smoker of 13 years - everyone CAN change, you simply need to want it enough.

There is always an alternative and if you can't find it, I humbly suggest that you might be focusing on the wrong things.

Today, live the best day of your life and make a better choice.