Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Biggest Loser

Tonight I find myself with some free time and have decided to channel surf ... all the way to the repeat of Biggest Loser on Channel 11.

I never watch this program, but tonight I can't move on ...

The program is overwhelming.  Possibly I've had one too many glasses of wine on a Saturday night to be objective, but the fact remains that there are people on this show that weigh over 250kg.  This is more than 3 times the body weight of an average person like myself.  The weigh in made me weep.   Not for the fact that these people are big, but for the question that it raises - what has happened in the life of a 27 year old young man that he needs to cover himself with so much protection that he requires that much weight to feel safe.

So much about this program confronts me, and yet at the same time it opens up something that has so much relevance for so many of us today - where does life go so wrong that people hate themselves enough to want to eat their way to an early grave.

A call to action.  If you love someone - tell them.  If you have a gripe with someone - get it out and clear it away.  If you have a need, tell someone that can help and find a way to meet it.  For each of us there is only one life ... we are well served to get from it exactly what we want ... heavy or light, we will surely die alone!

Easter is a time for renewal.  Here is the opportunity to start fresh today and focus your energies on what it is that brings out the best in you each day.

Stop worrying people and start living.  One life, and it starts now!!!

Happy Easter xx