Monday, May 28, 2012

First loser ... why does it feel so good?

There is always room to improve, another game to play, another goal to score, another way to grow and discover more of who you are and what you can become.

I was privileged on the weekend to participate in the CBWC Annual Awards and lucky enough to be a finalist in a category.  No, I didn't win, but even still I feel like a winner.

In the company of scores of successful, beautiful, interesting, intelligent, funny and dynamic women in Cairns I got a sense of what it feels like to truly succeed in life.

Success means different things to different people - for me it is the acknowledgement that you are a person of value, that what you do matters, and that you are connected to the world and it's people in a way that makes a positive difference.

On Saturday night I felt a deep sense of my own definition of success, and from this an inspiration to press on and realise the potential within me that so many others believe in.

Why do I tell you this, because as I say in my 7S Workshop - you already have everything inside you that you need for success - you simply need to tap into it.  With the right tools and the right focus every one can achieve their own definition of success and experience that winning feeling.  It is not contingent upon awards and prizes, or upon others approval of who you are and what you do, it is up to you to decide that all by yourself you matter.

We all have different purposes and our life quest seems to be to discover what they are.  Sometimes it is to be to be a mother, a business women, a friend, a wife, a partner, a daughter or any one of a number of other hats that we wear.  Within each purpose we have the ability to feel and acknowledge our own success and in so doing elevate the level of every experience, to enhance and enjoy our own life's experience.

So remember that there is no failure, only feedback and with that feedback you can discover more and more about yourself that will direct you on your own path to success.

Now, go and look in the mirror, smile and tell whoever smiles back that they are AWESOME!