Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Want to bang your own drum ... join this TRIBE!!!

Yesterday I was outraged following 2 encounters with the medical profession that totally eroded any faith I had that there was a part of the system that cared.

Firstly, having recently suffered a severe chest infection and resorting to antibiotics at the 3rd week, I took my 4 year old son to the doctor fearing he was in for the same.  He was complaining of sore head, sore throat and I was looking at green slime oozing from every facial orifice and listening to a bark that would make any smoker proud. 

So here's the conversation that caused my consternation .... following the introduction about my son's current condition and my concern ...

Doctor: "So, what is your preferred antibiotic?"

Me: "One that works"

Doctor: "Oh, it won't work"

Me: "So why give him a medication that won't work"

Doctor: "I see at least 30 people a day who want an antibiotic to make them better, even thought it may be a viral infection and an antibiotic is useless.  So I give them a prescription and it's up to them if they use it.  Otherwise they get sicker and blame it on us"

Me: (Silently to myself as I pick my jaw up off the floor) ... so 30 people a day who's immunity is already down and as a result are suffering a viral infection, are given useless drugs to put pressure on their internal organs to deliver no result just so the doctors don't get a bad wrap for telling it the way it is ... OMFG!!!!  And all this at taxpayers expense, as because it was Sunday I happened to be in the bulk billing clinic in the middle of town.

Doctor: "So, here is your prescription, and some information about viruses.  You can use it or not, it's up to you"

Me: (Silently to myself ... my jaw is again on the floor) OMFG!!!

... and I don't really use the "F" at all ....

Now, I'm a fitness trainer and every week watch people reduce their medication as they improve their health through dietary changes and moderate exercise.  I have massive success in helping people reduce their need for blood pressure medication and pain killers as they learn to appreciate the amazing body they live in and treat it a little better as a result.

The second encounter was through a client of mine, who after 5 weeks of a training program with me and a group of other amazing positive people, went to her doctor who promptly put her on the scales to remind her and reaffirm the fact that she was overweight, tell her that exercise was useless, that she had to have more tests and that he would then give her a pill to help her lose weight.  I'm going to say it again "OMFG"!!!!  She promptly rang me to cancel her training and tell me what a waste of time it all was.

The previous week this client had broken new ground mentally, physically and emotionally taking on challenges she would never have thought possible 6 months, and probably even 6 weeks ago.  How dare another individual, let alone someone from the medical profession, use their position to flatten her spirit with this kind of treatment.

Fortunately I belong to a tribe of amazing individuals who are each on their own journey to improve the QUALITY OF THEIR LIFE, not just the bank balance of the medical and pharmaceutical professions.  Within that tribe are people that will pick you up when you are down, laugh at you when you take yourself too seriously, and challenge you when you need to lift your game.  Within that group also are several medical professionals, who acknowledge the power and benefit of positive energy and healthy food and movement to improve the quality of both life and health.  They are doing it themselves.

The venting is complete and now I can move forward.  Health is a personal choice ... and you  don't have to give the power of that choice over to anyone, even if they are bulk billing!!