Monday, July 11, 2011

Good vibrations!

Anything is possible ... but first you must believe!

What is vibration training, and more importantly does it work?

Today I began my quest to find the answer to this question.

A client posed a question to me recently - was there anything that I could do to help her paraplegic relative.  A daunting question to say the least, but what's life without a challenge? So I decided to look around ...

Well, seek and ye shall find ... your eyes might even pop, as mine did today!

Today I have had the most incredible feedback from people in the know that vibration training may in fact be able to deliver health and fitness benefits where other modes of training have failed.  I am like a kid with a new toy - I want to know everything about how this stuff works.  And here's why ...

In the research I have read so far a 74 year old wheelchair bound man was able to jump, walk on a treadmill and walk with a walker after 9 months of vibration treatment, with improvements continuing well beyond 16 months of treatment.

In another study 2 of 3 participants, all of whom had spinal paralysis of varying degrees, were able to walk independently using various walking aids following vibration training.

Scott Hopson has done some wonderful studies to find out just what can be achieved and to get a feel for what I'm talking about take a look at this.

When I first tried the Power Plate myself during a visit to Sydney earlier this year it felt like the missing link in my training.  Now I'm excited about finding out how it may be able to provide the missing link for those to whom training is barely even an option.  Here we may have a tool that improves muscle tone, metabolism, mobility, range of motion and movement, mental focus and attitude and sense of wellbeing.

In a world with so many challenges it's nice to imagine the possible positives of the Power Plate.

Stay tuned, this should be a fun ride.