Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great new treatment for weight loss ... Anger Management!

I'm Simone and I have anger management issues.

I know this because whenever I get angry, I tend to go for chocolate.  Kind of like a valium only tastier, and with a completely contrary outcome to that which I desire.  Increased fat and caffeine in the system, which only serves to make me more cross, and less healthy.

Yesterday I met with an interesting little group of 4, with no particular agenda other than to get to know each other better, and discovered that I was not alone.  The stresses of the world right now seem to making us all a little bit angrier - be it that the financial downturn is having a direct affect on our lives, or that tourism is in fact a racist business, or that it just makes us cross when people aren't nice to each other, there's lots of little things out there making us angry.

As I speak to my clients I am learning a wide range of strategies for dealing with this ... most of which unfortunately involve food.

Get angry - eat.  BAD CHOICE.

Generally because we choose bad food at a time like this.

It's not rocket science to know that healthy food makes us feel better, delivers more energy and promotes a longer healthier life, but somehow it is beyond most of us to stop in a moment of anger and MABC (make a better choice).

Consider the outcome
1) eat chocolate, takeaway, cake, etc  = guilt and need for punishment;
2) eat salad = feel good and proud of decision, have more energy, relax mood, gain health

In a moment of anger your choice can equal either pleasure or pain.  This is your choice.

Today I challenge you to find a strategy that helps you MABC.

Mine is a mantra - I am privileged to be fit, healthy and strong, my body and my mind deserve the best.  Simply saying it removes the chocolate option.

Your choices give you power and make you the outstanding individual you are today.  In your moments of decision today, stay clear about what is best for you and make the best choice.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lorna fires the Red Arrow!

Inspired by the superhuman efforts of the participants in Challenge Cairns I have recently returned to the beautiful Red Arrow bushwalk as part of my training regime.

This afternoon as I entered the Arrow I was hit by a message from another runner ... a singlet that simply said AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING.  The perfect summary of her experience, I thought to myself.

As I made my way around the Arrow (only twice today as I was on a time limit) I noticed something quite AMAZING.  I run the reverse to most starting my lap to the left rather than to the right, as my body seems to enjoy the gradient a little better, and a consequence of this is that I pass people's faces as they come towards me rather than the back of their heads as I pass them ... or as I trail behind them.

The faces of those coming towards me were often smiling today and what I noticed was that most were in a uniform.  Brightly coloured singlets with slogans.  It may have simply been the time of day, but a veritable army of energised women were walking, jogging, running and dragging themselves around the arrow, with the vast majority, I would guess around 80% sporting a slogan of support for themselves and for anyone, like myself, who happened to be coming the other way.

When struggling to get up the last flight of stairs I was met with a smile and the slogan "Make it happen" ... so I did.

On the down side when I felt like a run, I was hit with "Life is a game, PLAY IT", and another "I run like a girl" and "Running makes me happy".

How AMAZING.  It was like the thoughts in my head were being printed in front me as I ran. And in full stereo colour, which is something quite amazing in the mostly brown Australian bush.

So, today I pay tribute to Lorna Jane and the amazing message that she is delivering to women around the country as they take on their own individual fitness challenges.  Lorna Jane Activewear has found a way to let individuals express themselves and at the same time inspire others to achieve their best.

My message today, which I think won me a lot of smiles on my Red Arrow journey, also by Lorna Jane, is "LOVE is all we need".  It may not make me run faster, but it certainly makes me feel good and the feedback from oncoming traffic is fantastic.

Thankyou Lorna Jane for the inspiration ...