Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Three cheers for TAFE!!!

So I found out today that Monday 3 June is National TAFE Day and there's a sausage sizzle to celebrate.

There should be a helluva a lot more celebration than that about one our country's most impressive learning institutions.

I can't speak for every TAFE in the country, but I can speak with 3 years experience under my belt of dealing with the Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE and the head of the Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness training, Sonya Barber, of the Cairns TAFE and all it's generosity and intelligence.

A few years back I found out about ViPR.  It's the best training tool in the world for movement authentic to human design ... but that's another blog.

In my quest to share the brilliance of ViPR I approached TAFE and they were the first, and at the time the only, receptive ear I could find.  In the interests of being open to all learning Sonya brought her students to the PCYC and we played ViPR for about 2 hours.  It was awesome - motivating, energising, fun, playful, challenging, life affirming - everything fitness should be.  As a one off I thought it was brilliant.

What has been super exciting about TAFE is that this one chance occurrence opened my eyes to the bigger world of TAFE and a way of learning that embraces and connects with the community around it, and truly creates pathways for success for people of all ages and with all interests.

Tonight at 5:15 me and my ViPRs can be found at Gatton St, on the TAFE grounds, doing ViPR Playground!!  Since our initial encounter Fitness Form & Function has formed a strong relationship with the Cert 3 & 4 Fitness students at TAFE and their teachers and mentors, to the point where now TAFE supports the training of ViPR for all their students as part of their curriculum, they actively engage in ongoing training in the Fun Fitness Friday sessions run by Fitness Form & Function, and they generously donate their space and time to enable the offering of a free ViPR class for everyone, not just TAFE people, every Thursday afternoon.

A healthy, connected community cuts a path forward to a healthier life for all, and TAFE, especially the TNQIT and Sonya's fitness division, are leading the way.

I am proud to be associated with TAFE and so grateful for their openness to the new.

On Monday 3 June support your TAFE and support the organisation that supports the community.  It's changing lives!!

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