Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We are Groot ....

Last week I went to see Guardian's of the Galaxy.  Against my better judgement, it seemed like the best option available ... and I was pleasantly surprised.

The experience truly transported my work busy brain away from it's concerns of the days and into a fantasy realm of true comradery, strength of family, comedy and challenge.

The lynchpin of the experience is not the protagonist, Quill, but the tree like character - Groot!  Possessed of the most amazing talents to sprout leaves, flowers and fire flies to save the day, he gives the ultimate sacrifice to save his 'family', with the element of hope at the end a sign that he may return for the next ep.  His final words ... "We are Groot", significant because throughout the movie his only words have been "I am Groot".

About 15 years ago I also had the privilege to listen to George Negus speak at a luncheon for ABIG in Dubai.  The key take home message of what he had to say was that in trying to create positive change in the world we must look for the similarities between us, rather than the differences.

The recognition that we are part of a connected network of sentient beings helps us to create the positive change that we all so obviously crave.  Daily posts and gratitude challenges being taken up around the globe tell us that we are searching for something better.  We tag our friends to get some feedback and yearn for a collective common goal that gives us purpose.

Today consider that your words, actions and thoughts may be the tiny pebble thrown into a much bigger pool.  Like the butterfly effect, your small actions have a bigger impact on the congregation that is humanity than you may realise.  Be the best version of you and consider acting for the "We" rather than just the "I".


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