Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kim Kardashian does it ...

Tabloid magazines are definitely not the place to get your post natal health advice.

I’d like to suggest that the innate wisdom of your body knows better!  Better than to crunch, lift and plank your way to sculptured abs.... 

Restoration of strength, tone and endurance to the post natal pelvic floor and abdominal corset of muscles is a key goal for every new mum, after every birth to prevent lower back pain, stress incontinence and a myriad of other health and medical conditions that may not appear until much later in life.  Ask your mum or grandma!

Not only do we as new mothers think that we need to nurse, feed, and care for our newborn 24/7, but it’s almost a pre-requisite for maternal success these days to have your pre baby body back before you’ve given birth!!  A little exaggeration, but if you’re a new mum, you know what I mean.

Retraining of the pelvic girdle and the muscles it contains is essential for long term health and success.  

Some facts you may not know
  • Research shows that after 2 natural births tissue failure rate of the pelvic floor is 85%
  • 100% of women experience diastassis recti, or separation of the abdominal muscles, during pregnancy
  • When the muslces of the pelvic floor malfunction, as is often the case after childbirth, they must be retrained - they will not spontaneously return to normal function
How you can set yourself up for success
  • Have a real time ultrasound of your pelvic floor by a physiotherapist 6 - 12 weeks post partum
  • Practice abdominal breathing and Connect 4 Pelvic Floor, Transversus Abdominus connection daily
  • Be guided by the advice of appropriately qualified and experienced professionals in your return to pre-baby fitness and exercise activities. (Integrated Pelvic Physiotherapy is one of the best I have come across, with a wealth of valuable information downloadable from their website at
Your pelvic floor and transverse abdomunus muscles perform multiple functions in your body including continence, organ support, reproduction, respiration and spinal and pelvic stability.

The repurcussions of a weakened dysfunctional pelvic floor are far reaching and can limit activities of daily living, overall confidence and enjoyment of life.

Arm yourself with good information to take care of your pelvic floor by contacting Simone from Mumbalates for the best advice on where to get your pelvic floor real time ultra sound done in Cairns and what to do to retrain and integrate your pelvic and abdominal muscles for long term health and success.

Simone is a mother of 2, Cert IV Personal Trainer, creator of the Mumbalates Post Natal Exercise Program and has over 7 years experience working with post natal women.  Tel 0411027883.

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